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Road milling tool, also called road milling cutter, asphalt cutter bit or road tooth,It is a main accessory of road milling machine. It is widely used in milling and maintenance of asphalt, concrete pavement, highways as well as civil operations like snow removal.
Techgong road milling tools have different models to fit for various road surface conditions. The bit body is carefully forged, making its inner structure more compact. Based on different road conditions, various heat treatment techniques are used to ensure the toughness of bit shank and wear resistance of tip.
Techgong road milling tools have cemented carbide tips that are made with hot isostatic pressing technology and bit shanks with special design. Scientific handling of material soldering and heat treatment systems make carbide tip and bit body structurally more coordinating.
Fittings with high precision and omni-directional angle designs makes road milling bit with a perfect vortex milling and rotating effect, thus enhancing the abrasive resistance and machinability of the cutters.