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Pre-cutting Bit(Shell Cutter,Ripper) is the first tool to excavate the soil. It cut along the radial direction of tunnel face to loosen the soil in advance, which can significantly improve the fluidity of soil layer and reduce cutting resistance, thus raising cutting efficiency and reducing damage to the cutter bits. Pre-cutting Bit has very good performance in sandy gravel and calcareous concretion strata. Heavy-duty Ripper is mainly used to break the lower strength and smaller-diameter cobbles and gravels;(Good cooperation with Cutter Bits is the primary consideration in the design of Pre-Cutting Bit. Pre-Cutting Bit cuts the soil mass into small pieces or loosens soil before Cutter Bits cutting in order to create good cutting condition for Cutter Bits. Pre-cutting Bit is half the cutting width of Cutter bit, so the cutting efficiency of Pre-cutting Bit is higher.)